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1. What do I need to get started? A computer and perhaps a few photos - that's it!

2. Is website hosting included? Yes. Not only is it included, but it is better than any hosting you can afford on your own. We use offshore dedicated servers on Tier 1 networks with automated daily backups.

3. I need better pictures - can you help me? We recommend you use the services of a professional photographer. Good photos will land you more clients.

4. Where do I sign up? Click on the Get Started link at the top of the page.

5. What features & web pages do I get? You get over 20 web pages dedicated to adult entertainers, such as a Disclaimer Page, Home Page, Rates & Services, Photo Gallery, and much more. If you don't find the page you need, you can add unlimited custom pages.

6. Is there a free trial? Absolutely. You can use your website, without any limitations, for 14 days.

7. How long to set up my website? Just minutes! You can use our Website Setup tool to set quickly set up all your web pages and select a design. We make it easy for you.

8. What if I don't like my website design? We use your feedback, plus a professional designer's intuition, to design your website. If you want to make major changes to the design which are different from your guidelines, there is a re-design charge of $150.

Billing & Payment

1. Do I need to give my credit card when I sign up? No. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial and add try it out for yourself without adding your payment information.

2. What payment options do you offer? We accept Visa and Mastercard payments. Alternative payment methods can be made upon request.

3. How do I know when my payment is due? Payments are due every month (31 days) and is automatically debited from your credit card. Your rebilling date is indicated in your admin panel in the Billing section.

4. Will I receive a notice that my payment is due? At the moment there is no reminder but this will be implemented in the future.

5. How much do changes cost? Changes to your content cost nothing. They are made directly by you and the changes take effect on your website immediately.

6. Why is Cuties so cheap? We invested heavily to develop all the features, plus several graphics designers to custom design the websites. Because we do a large volume, we don't need to make $5000 per website; we can afford to earn a lot less. And that's YOUR benefit!

7. How long do I have to pay? There are no contracts - you simply pay month-to-month. If you cancel, you'll be billed for the current month, but you won't be billed again. Your only risk is the first month!

Manage your Website

1. Can you make a custom design for my website? Of course, that's why Cuties is different. With every semi or full custom design, we require that you fill out a design questionnaire. After this is submitted, our team of designers will take your requirements and custom design your website.

2. Can Cuties make my website look like my current one? Yes, but some fees may be required depending on how much work it is.

3. Can I change my photos? Yes. You have full control of your photos. With our easy photo management software, you can add/remove photos in seconds, and your changes will show instantly.

4. How many photos can I have? Unlimited! You can also create photo albums to keep your photos neatly organized.

5. Can I make changes to my website? Absolutely. You can instantly edit any aspect of your website all by yourself using our online software.

6. Can you help me make changes to my website? I still don't feel comfortable doing it. Absolutely. Simply contact us once you have logged in and let us know what changes you would like. Please note it could take up to 1 business day for changes to apply, because we can't always do them immediately.

7. Can I add client reviews? Yes, you will need to add them yourself. We opted for this due to the high number of fake reviews being added by website visitors and other service providers.

8. What's a blog? A blog is an online journal or diary, and you can post entries into it like a real journal. It is a way to intrigue your website browsers and offer them a personal touch. Updating your blog makes people come back and see what's new.

9. How many mailing list members can I have? As many as you want We do not limit this feature.

10. Can my members see each other's e-mail addresses? No. Each e-mail is sent individually and only contains your e-mail address and the receivers. Therefore, your list members cannot see each other's email addresses.

11. Can I delete mailing list members? Yes. Simply click on the garbage bin icon beside the members email address and it will be removed from your mailing list.

12. What tips do you have for taking a good photo? Make the room as bright as possible. Change your camera's settings to take the photo in the highest quality and at the highest resolution. When you upload your photo to us and you want professional enhancements, upload the biggest original file you have. Don't worry if the file size is large - the bigger the file size, the better we can enhance your photo.

13. What if I don't always use a computer? Cuties will work with any mobile device such as iPhone, BlackBerry or Android. Update your website from anywhere... even in the bathroom.

About Cuties

1. How do I contact someone at Cuties? If you do not yet have an account, please visit the Contact us page.

2. How many people work at Cuties? Cuties is a team of 6 people. We have professional graphics designers, software developers, and a customer service team.

3. How long has Cuties been around? Cuties has been online since early 2006, but adopted a whole new system in early 2008. We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop a software which allows adult entertainers to maximize their business.

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