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  Cuties Other website
Hiring a
Professional, 100% custom design Yes No Yes
Update your website by yourself Yes Yes No
Screen new clients Yes No No
Email clients when you update your website Yes No No
Choose photo galleries to display your photos Yes No No
White-listed email and SMS newsletters Yes No No
Mobile version of your website Yes Sometimes No
Manage website from your mobile phone Yes No No
Add special deals, with notifications Yes No No
Upload & stream videos Yes No No
Stream your videos to mobile devices Yes No No
Password-protected (members) page Yes Sometimes No
Content delivery network Yes No No
Geo-targeted delivery of your website Yes No No
Locate clients' computers Yes Sometimes No
Track website visitors Yes Yes Yes
Modeling-specific tracking website visitors Yes No No
Search engine marketing Yes Sometimes No
1-click automatic text generator Yes No No
Over 20 adult entertainer web pages Yes No No
Specifically designed for agencies Yes No No
Reliable support by email Yes No No
Video tutorials and knowledgebase Yes No No
How much does it cost?      
Price Starting $24.00/mo $10-$75+/mo $1000 +
Setup Fee $0 $0 50% deposit
Web hosting $0 $0 $10-50/mo
Updates and support $0 None $35 +/hour
What about the BAD stuff?      
Other people's ads on your website Never! Yes Sometimes
Hidden fees and paid upgrades Never! Yes Sometimes
Slow or unresponsive technical support Never! Yes Yes

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